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Boone County, KY – Fatal Accident on I-75 Claims Life of 18-Year-Old Victim

Boone County, KY (July 16, 2023) – A tragic incident occurred in Boone County, Kentucky, as an 18-year-old woman lost her life when her vehicle was struck by a loose tire on Interstate 75.

The incident occurred on southbound I-75 on July 16th, at around 12:15 a.m., prompting an immediate response from the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

Boone County, KY – Fatal Accident on I-75 Claims Life of 18-Year-Old Victim

According to the preliminary investigation conducted by the sheriff’s office, the victim was identified as Lauren Collins, an 18-year-old resident of Independence. She was traveling south on I-75 when her windshield was unexpectedly struck by a tire. Investigators believe that a dually pickup truck, traveling in the opposite direction on the northbound side of I-75, experienced a tire malfunction. As a result, the tire detached from the truck, causing it to lose control and roll over the concrete barrier, ultimately colliding with Collins’ vehicle.

First responders from the Walton Fire Department swiftly arrived at the scene and diligently extricated Collins from the wreckage. She was then transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for urgent medical attention. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the medical team, Collins succumbed to her injuries and tragically passed away.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office Accident Reconstruction Team has taken charge of the investigation to ascertain the exact circumstances leading to the incident. However, at present, the vehicle responsible for the loose tire on the northbound side of I-75 has yet to be located.

Our thoughts and sympathies go out to Lauren Collins’ family and friends as they navigate this difficult time.

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