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Monroe, MI – Multi-Car Collision on I-75 NB Leaves 7 Injured

Monroe, MI  (October 29, 2023) – On Friday, October 27th, a multi-car crash occurred on northbound I-75 in Erie Township, injuring seven people. The Monroe County Police Department promptly responded to the scene.

Monroe, MI – Multi-Car Collision on I-75 NB Leaves 7 Injured

The collision happened at around 7:11 p.m. and involved four vehicles. Notably, only two of the vehicles’ occupants suffered severe injuries.

According to Monroe County Police Department (MPD) reports, the accident started when a northbound car on I-75 rear-ended another vehicle. This caused a chain reaction, with one car striking another and eventually hitting the median. This force led to two more vehicles in front being rear-ended.

In the first car were two adults and two children, aged 9 and 10. They were quickly taken to a nearby hospital and are now in stable condition. Meanwhile, the two adults and a 14-year-old passenger from the second car were transported to a different local hospital, with the 14-year-old in critical condition, according to MPD.

Surprisingly, the other two cars involved in the accident had no injuries, and their occupants were left unharmed.

The investigation is ongoing, led by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Services Division. Authorities encourage anyone with information to contact them at 734-240-7756.

Our thoughts go out to those affected, and we wish them a speedy recovery.

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