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Pasco County, FL 28.3249139, -82.3247702

Pasco County, FL – Auto Wreck with Injuries Reported on I-75 near FL-56

Pasco County, FL (January 12, 2023) – Authorities across Paschal County responded to the scene of a traffic accident that took place on Wednesday that ended in injuries. At approximately 9:10 p.m. on January 11, authorities were called to the scene of a traffic crash that took place on Interstate 75.

Multiple vehicles collided on the northbound side of Interstate 75 near the ramp to Florida State Route 56. The incident blocked the right lane of the off-ramp from the roadway.

Authorities responded to the scene and went to work on clearing and securing the area.

At least one of the victims involved in the crash was rendered aid at the scene of the accident and transported to a local hospital.

The crash remains under investigation.

We hope the injured victims recover quickly following this accident.

Protect Your Legal Rights After an I-75 Accident

Pasco County, FL – Auto Wreck with Injuries Reported on I-75 near FL-56Each year, thousands of people are harmed as a result of accidents that take place on Interstate 75. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are preventable. One of the most common causes of crashes on Interstate 75 is when drivers switch lanes recklessly.

Switching lanes recklessly is one of the leading causes of serious car crashes on interstate highways. Many drivers believe that they can merge into another lane without checking their blind spot first, or they may not signal when changing lanes. This can cause other drivers to swerve out of the way, leading to a serious car crash.

In addition to switching lanes recklessly, many accidents are caused by congestion. When traffic is heavy, drivers are more likely to become impatient and engage in reckless actions. Drivers may begin tailgating others, cutting vehicles off, and trying to speed ahead.

If you are involved in an accident while traveling on Interstate 75, it is important that you understand the legal options that you have. Reaching out to a car accident lawyer in Florida can help to ensure you are able to get justice and recover compensation quickly.

At i75accidents.com, our team is dedicated to helping crash victims protect their legal rights and get justice. We are here to help you get connected to an attorney in your area, ensure that you receive the medical care that your injuries require, and help you get a copy of the police report of your crash. Our goal is for all injured parties to seek justice and be properly represented. Schedule a free consultation with us today so that we can discuss how best to proceed in light of your case.

Notes: We used secondary sources to create this post. We have not verified all of the information about this accident, so if you find any information that is not correct, please reach out right away so that our team can update the post with the correct information as soon as possible. We will remove a post by request. 

Disclaimers: This post is not intended to be a solicitation for business. The picture used in this post was not taken at the actual accident scene. The information provided in this post is not intended to be legal or medical advice. If you have been injured in an accident, seek medical attention, then speak to a lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

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